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I'm Andrea.


🌇 I'm a bilingual UX Writer and Content Designer with a passion for creating intuitive and enjoyable experiences for users. Being a former Spanish Literature student, I found the right match between my love for stories and my interest in technology.

🚀 I have worked at different startups (proptech and fintech) and even created my own copywriting agency.

💻 During my free time you can find me reading, struggling to write fiction, watching Netflix, or planning a new business idea.


UX Writing Coordinator - Spin by OXXO

UX Copywriter - Houm

Co-founder/Copywriter - Elipsis Copywriting

Copywriter - CMKT Marketing


UX Writing, content strategy, copywriting, content writing, project management, UX Research. 


Figma, Jira, Amplitude, Send Grid, Message Bird, CMS. 


📍The Netherlands

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